Berri Resort Hotel

Great Riverland Dining, Beer Garden, Café and Bistro Restaurant in Berri


Bistro Restaurant

Great Riverland bistro restaurant. The Berri Resort Hotels Riverboat Bistro & Bar is...


Café Dining

Great Riverland café dining. The Berri Resort Hotels Café & Bar is the ideal ...


Breakfast Dining

Berri breakfast dining in Riverland. The Berri Resort Hotels “Breakfast Dining Room”...
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Berri Bistro Restaurant and Breakfast Dining

The Berri hotels bistro restaurant dining, breakfast dining and outside beer garden opportunities are well worth the visit. Berri offers you the ultimate in gastronomic indulgence, with a mouth-watering choice of cuisine that won't cost you too much.

Riverboat Bistro is a family friendly Berri hotel dining bistro restaurant that's made a name for itself serving a marvellous mix of Mediterranean food with Australian flavours. Outstanding children's meals and vegetarian dishes are also found on the hotel's menu. With a good selection of local and imported wines to choose and a host of bars and lounges to relax or play, you'd be hard pressed not to leave completely satisfied.

Hotel Dining and Meal Venues at the Berri Resort Hotel Include:

Better still, accommodation, entertainment, activities and facilities can all be found in this one dazzling precinct.


Resort Hotel Berri Bistro Restaurant Dining -  South Australia.
Bookings: (08) 8582 1411  Accommodation & Functions Free Call: 1800 088 226

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Berri Resort Hotel - South Australia

Riverview Drive, Berri. South Australia. 5343 Accommodation Free Call: 1800 088 226 Hotel Reception: (08) 8582 1411 Fax: (08) 8582 2140 Email: Enquiry